Upcoming Cover Story for Golf Course Industry Magazine’s August issue

07 Jul

Twitter is easy–sometimes too easy.  The ability to hammer out a few lines of texts on an iPhone and have it posted instantly on one’s timeline is addictive.  Having that seamless connection between one’s sub-conscience and the universe can be a problem for some (especially politicians and celebrities).  For me, it has taken me away from doing the task of actually “writing” and I want to thank Guy Cipriano at GCI for inviting me to write the cover story for the August issue.  I can’t say yet what the topic is, but the working title is “Hunting Unicorns.”  If that doesn’t intrigue you, nothing will.  When the magazine is published and the digital content is pushed out, be sure to check back here for a treat because I will be posting some additional content from the interviews I conducted for the story.  That content could not be included in the story due to space constraints, so be sure to check back in here at

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Posted by on July 7, 2018 in Golf


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